About us

We are specialized in manufacturing pro scooters and scooter parts .

Our factory was founded in 2000. And since then , we are engaged in precision CNC machining .

With the improvement of people's living standard, people will be more and more likely to exercise

Now stunt scooter is one of our biggest project. Stunt scooters are popular. We know these brand stunt scooters :MGP scooters, Crisp scooters , Grit scooters, Blunt scooters,District scooters,Phoenix scooters, JDBUG scooters, micro scooters, slamm scooters, razor scooters,Envy scooters,Lucky scooters, Royal scooters, Sacrifice scooters .

Manufacturing stunt scooters is able to make the full use of the advantages of CNC machining and CNC milling.

We manufactured scooter parts for some brand scooters directly or indirectly. For example, Razor scooters and Sacrifice scooters are our customer .Our quality is very good .Our price is very competitive. We are a manufacturing factory. Also we have skilled and professional R&D team. We hired some experienced engineers by headhunting companies from the early manufacturer of brand stunt scooters. We can keep an advantage in stunt scooter .We can offer one stop service. We can manufacture a huge range of scooter parts: scooter decks, scooter forks, scooter clamps, scooter PU wheels, scooter brakes, bar ends, headset, compression, bearings, deck grip tapes, grips, pegs, and so on.

We have own brand, ALISHAN . And we can custom pro scooters . And we can stick your brand .

Together , we make it better .