Scooter Pegs

Pro scooter pegs are manufactured by CNC lathes . Dongming is a factory with more than 10 years of precision CNC machining experience . And scooter pegs can be manufactured out of aluminum . Aluminum pegs can do various finish , such as neo chrome plating, anodizing ,powder coating .

Scooter Pegs have become extremely popular with pro scooters in the past couple of years. Pegs open up a whole new variety of tricks to riders both new and old . They can also assist in certain grind tricks to make them easier to learn and combo tricks in and out. Give your pro scooter a little bit more , and try out some pegs from brands such Apex, MGP, Sacrifice , Envy and Grit .

Choose Dongming ,we can custom pro scooter pegs as per your requirement .