Pro scooter clamps are one of the most important components of pro scooters.Your bars are not going to stay on or stay straight unless you have solid and strong clamps .

Pro Scooter clamps are manufactured by CNC lathes & CNC milling centers . The most used material is Aluminum alloy 6061-T6 . Some extra high end pro scooters clamps are made out of aircraft grade aluminum 7075 .

We are engaged in precision CNC machining since 2000 .  So, pro scooter clamps are one of our best advantages. Customize your scooter with double,triple or quadruple clamps.Whether you need SCS standard clamps or you need oversized clamps,we can offer top pro scooter clamps in different sizes, designs and colors .Also , we can customize stunt scooter clamps to compatible  threaded forks or threadless forks .At present , the main compression systems for pro scooters are SCS & HIC , ICS and IHC . Please specify these requirement in your orders , we can deliver the quality pro scooter clamps on time .